UK pubs & clubs – Barnsley

Tankersley Park Golf Club Tankersley Park Golf Club, Park Lane, Tankersley S35 4LG
Horse And Jockey Horse And Jockey, Roper Lane, Thurgoland S35 7AA
Green Dragon Inn Green Dragon Inn, Cote Lane, Thurgoland S35 7AE
The Bridge Inn Bridge Inn, Cote Lane, Thurgoland S35 7AE
Thurgoland Cricket Club Thurgoland Cricket Club, Cote Lane, Thurgoland S35 7AE
Crane Moor W M C Crane Moor Wmc, Crane Moor Road, Crane Moor S35 7AQ
Wortley Arms Wortley Arms, Sheffield Road, Wortley S35 7DB
Wortley Golf Club Wortley Golf Club, Hermit Hill Lane, Wortley S35 7DF
Green Moor Sports Club Green Moor Sports Club, Hill Top Lane, Green Moor S35 7DQ
Waggon & Horses Waggon And Horses, Manchester Road, Langsett S36 4GY
The Dog and Partridge The Dog And Partridge, Manchester Road, Flouch S36 4HH
Penistone Church Football Club Penistone Church Football Club, Church View Road, Penistone S36 6AT
Spread Eagle Hotel Spread Eagle Hotel, 12 Market Street, Penistone S36 6BZ
The Old Crown Old Crown, 6 Market Street, Penistone S36 6BZ
Penistone Royal British Legion British Legion Club, St Marys Street, Penistone S36 6DT
The Cristello Lounge 6-10 St Marys Street, Penistone S36 6DT
The Bridge The Bridge, 1 Thurlstone Road, Penistone S36 6EF
Lord Nelson Lord Nelson Inn, Barnsley Road, Hoylandswaine S36 7JA
Rose and Crown The Rose And Crown, Barnsley Road, Hoylandswaine S36 7JA
Hoylandswaine Sports & A Club Hoylandswaine Sports And Athletic Club, Barnsley Road, Hoylandswaine S36 7JJ
Travellers Inn The Travellers Inn, Jockey Road, Oxspring S36 8YJ
Penistone Cricket Club Penistone Cricket Club, Queen Street, Penistone S36 8YL
Smithy Arms Smithy Arms, Smithy House, Sheffield Road, Oxspring S36 8YQ
Waggon & Horses Waggon And Horses, Sheffield Road, Oxspring S36 8YQ
Cubley Hall Cubley Hall, Mortimer Road, Cubley S36 9DF
Blacksmiths Arms Blacksmiths Arms, Manchester Road, Millhouse Green S36 9NQ
Crystal Palace Hotel Crystal Palace Hotel, Towngate, Thurlstone S36 9RH
The Officials Club 115 Lidget Lane, Thurnscoe S63 0DA
Thurnscoe Coronation WMC Thurnscoe Coronation Wmc, Coronation Street, Thurnscoe S63 0EF
Thurnscoe W M C Thurnscoe Working Mens Club, High Street, Thurnscoe S63 0QJ
Butchers Arms Butchers Arms, 134 High Street, Thurnscoe S63 0QY
Thurnscoe Social & Ex-Ser Club Thurnscoe Exservicemens Club, Houghton Road, Thurnscoe S63 0TQ
Bolton On Dearne Ex-Servicemens Social Club Ex Servicesmans And Social Club, 31 Station Road, Bolton Upon Dearne S63 8AA
Ings Lane Sports & Social Club Ings Lane Sports And Social Club, Vancouver Drive, Bolton Upon Dearne S63 8DT
The Collingwood Collingwood Hotel, Station Road, Bolton Upon Dearne S63 8JA
Highgate Sports & Social Club Highgate Working Mens Club, 140 Barnsley Road, Goldthorpe S63 9AP
Highgate Greyhound Stadium Highgate Greyhound Stadium, Nicholas Lane, Goldthorpe S63 9AT
The Rusty Dudley The Rusty Dudley, 43 Doncaster Road, Goldthorpe S63 9HJ
Crossbar Social Club Crossbar Social Club, Dearne And District Jfc, Kingsmark Way, Goldthorpe S63 9HL
Golden Nugget Wmc Golden Nugget Wmc, 2 Cooperative Street, Goldthorpe S63 9HN
The New Bank 4 Doncaster Road, Goldthorpe S63 9HQ
Goldthorpe Reform W M C Goldthorpe Reform Club, Hamilton Road, Goldthorpe S63 9JN
Union Jack Memorial Club 68 High Street, Goldthorpe, Rotherham S63 9LQ
Unity Dearne Club Unity Dearne Club, King Street, Goldthorpe S63 9LY
Picture House Tap 44 Barnsley Road, Goldthorpe S63 9NE
Barnsley Conservative Club 36 Pitt Street, Barnsley S70 1AW
The Portcullis The Arches, Pitt Street, Barnsley S70 1BB
Cucina Sky Lounge Cucina Sky Lounge, Barnsley Market First Floor, The Glass Works S70 1GW
Falco Lounge 3 The Glass Works, Barnsley S70 1GW
Manx Arms The Tykes Sports Bar, 32 Sheffield Road, Barnsley S70 1HP
The Silkstone Inn 64 Market Street, Barnsley S70 1SN
Chennell’s Bar Chennells Bar, Wellington Street, Barnsley S70 1SS
Corner Pin The Corner Pin, 2 Wellington Street, Barnsley S70 1SS
Digital Bar 12-16 Wellington Street, Barnsley S70 1SS
Magnum The Theatre Royal, Wellington Street, Barnsley S70 1SS
Secret 5-7 Wellington Street, Barnsley S70 1SS
Shakespeare Hotel The Shakespeare Hotel, 13 Wellington Street, Barnsley S70 1SS
Volt 9 Wellington Street, Barnsley S70 1SS
Barnsley Wildcats 32 Wellington Street, Barnsley S70 1SW
Belvedere Ground Floor, 25 Wellington Street, Barnsley S70 1SW
The Project First Floor And Second Floor, 25 Wellington Street, Barnsley S70 1SW
The Outpost The Outpost, 2 Union Street, Barnsley S70 1TJ
Dove Inn Dove Inn, 102 Doncaster Road, Barnsley S70 1TP
Barnsley East Dene Wmc East Dene Wmc, 111 Doncaster Road, Barnsley S70 1UD
Chambers The Chambers, 18 Peel Square, Barnsley S70 1YA
Silkstone Hotel The Silkstone, Park Road, Barnsley S70 1YG
Locke Park Club & Institute. 189 Park Road, Barnsley S70 1YN
The White Bear White Bear, 11 Church Street, Barnsley S70 2AB
The Lamproom Theatre Lamproom Theatre, Westgate, Barnsley S70 2DX
The Masonic Hall Masonic Hall, 4 Eastgate, Barnsley S70 2EP
E6 Bar First Floor, 6 Eastgate, Barnsley S70 2EX
The Court House The Old Court House, Regent Street, Barnsley S70 2HG
The Civic Civic Hall, Hanson Street, Barnsley S70 2JL
Commercial Inn Commercial Inn, 74 Summer Lane, Barnsley S70 2NN
Moulders Arms Moulders Arms, Summer Street, Barnsley S70 2NU
George & Dragon George And Dragon, 41 Summer Lane, Barnsley S70 2NW
Funky Buddha Functions Soul Lounge, Market Hill, Barnsley S70 2PU
Soul Lounge Soul Lounge, Market Hill, Barnsley S70 2PU
Joseph Bramah Joseph Bramah, 15 Market Hill, Barnsley S70 2PX
The Old Number 7 7 Market Hill, Barnsley S70 2PX
Annie Murrays 22 Market Hill, Barnsley S70 2QE
Hill 16 Bar & Lounge 16 Market Hill, Barnsley S70 2QE
Arcade Alehouse 31 The Arcade, Barnsley S70 2QN
Lemon Tree 5 Peel Square, Barnsley S70 2QT
Esmeraldas Esmeraldas, 12-18 Peel Street, Barnsley S70 2QX
Fire Lounge 30 Peel Street, Barnsley S70 2QX
Quasimodos Quasimodos, 12-18 Peel Street, Barnsley S70 2QX
The Tipsy Cow Unit 2b, Gateway Plaza, Sackville Street, Barnsley S70 2RD
Tin Oyle Unit 2c, Gateway Plaza, Sackville Street S70 2RD
Che Bar & Coco 34 Peel Street, Barnsley S70 2RE
Truth32 32 Peel Street, Barnsley S70 2RE
Escape Pool Bar 43 Peel Street, Barnsley S70 2RL
Opium No.10 10 Peel Parade, Barnsley S70 2RN
Bluu Barr 7-9 Grahams Orchard, Barnsley S70 2ST
Jocks Cavern 8 Shambles Street, Barnsley S70 2SW
Soho Music Institute 16-18 Shambles Street, Barnsley S70 2SW
Temple of Muses Temple Bar, Grahams Orchard, Barnsley S70 2SX
Barnsley Central W.M.C. Barnsley Central Wmc, Birk Avenue, Kendray S70 3AL
5ives Barnsley Kendray Playing Fields, Hunningley Lane, Stairfoot S70 3JR
Keel Inn Keel Inn, Wombwell Lane, Stairfoot S70 3NT
Stairfoot & Ardsley Cons Club 464-466 Doncaster Road, Barnsley S70 3PW
Highstone Road W M C Highstone Road Wmc, Highstone Road, Worsbrough Common S70 4DX
Ward Green W M C Ward Green Working Mens Club, Mount Vernon Road, Worsbrough Common S70 4HH
Victoria Hotel Victoria Hotel, 168 Sheffield Road, Barnsley S70 4NW
Swaithe W.M.C. Swaithe Wmc, Monkspring, Worsbrough Dale S70 4QY
The Darley Inn The Darley Inn, 35 High Street, Worsbrough Bridge S70 4SE
The Greyhound Greyhound Inn, 196 High Street, Worsbrough Bridge S70 4SQ
The Boatmans Rest Boatmans Rest, Edmunds Road, Worsbrough Dale S70 4TD
The Ship Inn Ship Inn, Park Road, Worsbrough S70 5BA
Barrow W M C Accommodation, Barrow Wmc, George Street, Worsbrough Bridge S70 5EX
Red Lion Country Inn The Red Lion Inn, Park Road, Worsbrough S70 5LJ
Worsbrough Sports & Development Association Worsbrough Sports And Development Association, Park Road, Worsbrough S70 5LJ
Edmunds Arms Edmunds Arms, 25, Worsbrough Village S70 5LW
Dale Tavern The Dale Tavern, West Street, Worsbrough Bridge S70 5PG
Dearne Valley Farm Unit 8, Kestrel Way, Birdwell S70 5SZ
The Cock Inn The Cock Inn, Pilley Hill, Birdwell S70 5UD
Birdwell Venue Birdwell Venue, Sheffield Road, Birdwell S70 5UY
Travellers Inn Travellers Inn, 124 Sheffield Road, Birdwell S70 5XB
Barnsley & District Trades Council Club & Institute 33 Racecommon Road, Barnsley S70 6AA
Shaw Inn Shaw Inn, Racecommon Road, Barnsley S70 6AE
Shaw Lane Sports Club Shaw Lane Sports Ground, Shaw Lane, Barnsley S70 6HZ
Longcar Inn Longcar Inn, 99 Racecommon Road, Barnsley S70 6JN
Harborough Hills Social Harborough Hill W M C, 14 Vernon Street, Barnsley S71 1BW
Keel Inn Keel Inn, 18 Canal Street, Barnsley S71 1LJ
New Lodge Working Mens Club New Lodge Club, Wakefield Road, Smithies S71 1PA
Honeywell Inn Honeywell Inn, 46 Honeywell Street, Barnsley S71 1PZ
Barnsley Bowl Barnsley Bowl, Carlton Road, Athersley South S71 2AZ
Monk Bretton Working Mens Club Monk Bretton Working Mens Club, Cross Street, Monk Bretton S71 2EP
Pheasant Inn Pheasant Inn, Cross Street, Monk Bretton S71 2EP
Monk Bretton Cricket Club Monk Bretton Cricket Club, Cross Street, Monk Bretton S71 2EU
The Norman Inn Norman Inn, Burton Road, Monk Bretton S71 2HG
Sun Inn Sun Inn, Burton Road, Monk Bretton S71 2JS
The Full House The Full House, Rotherham Road, Monk Bretton S71 2NW
West Green WMC West Green W M C And Institute, Burton Avenue, Monk Bretton S71 2PD
Athersley Social Club Athersley Working Mens Club, Mansfield Road, Athersley North S71 3AR
Carlton Village WMC & Institute Carlton Village Working Mens Club, 8 Crookes Lane, Carlton S71 3JT
Carlton & Smithies Club Carlton And Smithies Ex Servicemens Club, Haddon Road, Athersley South S71 3TA
Royston Railwaymen Sports Club Railwaymens Sports Club, Midland Road, Royston S71 4AZ
Royston Midland Wmc Royston Midland Working Mens Club, 35 Alfred Street, Royston S71 4DP
Pocket Snooker Club Pockets Snooker Club, Midland Road, Royston S71 4PX
Royston W M C Royston Working Mens Club, 52 Church Street, Royston S71 4QU
The Pack Horse The Pack Horse, Church Street, Royston S71 4QZ
Alexandra W M C Alexandra Working Mens Club, 59 High Street, Royston S71 4RF
Cross Inn 7 Summer Lane, Royston S71 4SE
Oaks WMC Oaks Working Mens Club, 680 Doncaster Road, Ardsley S71 5EF
Lundwood Working Mens Club Lundwood Social Club, Pontefract Road, Lundwood S71 5PN
The Mill of the Black Monks The Old Mill, Grange Lane, Stairfoot S71 5QF
The Olde Bridge Inn The Olde Bridge Inn, Burton Road, Monk Bretton S71 5RP
Houghton Arms Great Houghton Wmc, 20 High Street, Great Houghton S72 0AB
Sandhill Golf Clubhouse Sandhill Golf Course, Middlecliffe Lane, Middlecliffe S72 0DL
Sandhill Tavern 2-8 Turner Street, Great Houghton S72 0DL
Middlecliffe W M C Middlecliffe Working Mens Club, 2 Middlecliffe Lane, Middlecliffe S72 0HN
Houghton Main Welfare & Sports Club Sports Ground, Middlecliffe Lane, Middlecliffe S72 0HW
Bullet Sports & Social Club Bullett Sports And Social Club, 63 Brierley Road, Grimethorpe S72 7EJ
Grimethorpe W M C Grimethorpe Working Mens Club Clifton House, 4 Brierley Road, Grimethorpe S72 7EQ
Red Rum Red Rum Inn, Cemetery Road, Grimethorpe S72 7NR
Cudworth Industrial Sports & Social Club Cudworth Industrial Sport And Social Club, James Street, Cudworth S72 8AN
The Star Hotel Star Hotel, Barnsley Road, Cudworth S72 8BX
Cudworth West End Institute & Club West End Club And Institute Society, St Johns Road, Cudworth S72 8DB
The Pinfold Hotel Pinfold Hotel, Darfield Road, Cudworth S72 8HF
Snydale Road Sports & Social Club Snydale Sports And Social Club, Methley Street, Cudworth S72 8JU
Barnsley Premier Leisure Dorothy Hyman Sports Centre, Snydale Road, Cudworth S72 8LH
The Singing Man The Singing Man, The Green, Shafton S72 8PQ
Shafton Village WMC Shafton Village Working Mens Club, 44 High Street, Shafton S72 8QA
Fox And Hounds Fox And Hounds, Pontefract Road, Shafton S72 8QP
Darfield Road W M C Darfield Road Wmc, Darfield Road, Cudworth S72 8RL
The Victoria Victoria Hotel, Barnsley Road, Cudworth S72 8SY
Brierley Village Club Brierley Village Club, Church Street, Brierley S72 9JG
The Horseshoe Horseshoe Hotel, High Street, Wombwell S73 0AA
Locky’s Bar Lockys Bar, 7 Park Street, Wombwell S73 0AS
Wombwell Recreation Centre Go Kart Track And Sports Ground, Station Road, Wombwell S73 0BJ
Wombwell Working Mens Club Wombwell Working Mens Club, 25 Station Road, Wombwell S73 0BJ
Prince Of Wales Prince Of Wales Hotel, High Street, Wombwell S73 0DA
Squires Bar Churchills Hotel, 1 High Street, Wombwell S73 0DA
The Butchers Bar The Butchers, 15 High Street, Wombwell S73 0DA
The George George Hotel, 14 George Street, Wombwell S73 0DD
KG’s Sports Bar & Social Club Kelvin Grove Sports And Social Club, Kelvin Grove, Wombwell S73 0DL
Conservative & Unionist Club 28 Park Street, Wombwell S73 0HF
Anglers Rest Anglers Rest, 66 Park Street, Wombwell S73 0HS
Hillies Golf Course Hillies Pavilion And Golf Course, Wentworth View, Wombwell S73 0LA
Elephant And Castle Elephant And Castle, Tingle Bridge Lane, Hemingfield S73 0NT
The Tavern Lundhill Tavern, Beech House Road, Hemingfield S73 0PG
The Albion Inn Albion Hotel, 5 Cemetery Road, Hemingfield S73 0PT
The Meadows Brewsters, Meadowgate, Wombwell S73 0UN
The Old Moor Tavern Old Moor Tavern, Everill Gate Lane, Wombwell S73 0YG
The Sportsman Inn Sportsman Inn, 7 Pitt Street, Darfield S73 8AR
The Ash Inn 105 Wombwell Lane, Wombwell S73 8EP
Wombwell Main Community and Sports Association Wombwell Main Community And Sports Association, Windmill Road, Wombwell S73 8PW
The Barley Sheaf Barley Sheaf Hotel, 1 Aldham House Lane, Wombwell S73 8QD
The Darfield The Darfield Hotel, Nanny Marr Road, Darfield S73 9AW
Darfield Village Club WMC Darfield Village Club, 5 School Street, Darfield S73 9ET
Darfield Conservative Club Darfield Conservative Club, School Street, Darfield S73 9EZ
Darfield Cricket Club Darfield Cricket Club, School Street, Darfield S73 9EZ
Cross Keys Hotel Cross Keys Hotel, Church Street, Darfield S73 9JX
Queen Victoria The Queen Victoria, 77 Snape Hill Road, Darfield S73 9LP
Hare And Hounds Inn Hare And Hounds Inn, 28 Sheffield Road, Hoyland S74 0DQ
Saville Square Saville Square, 34-36 Sheffield Road, Hoyland S74 0DQ
Potters Wheel The Yorkshireman, The Parade, Clough Fields Road, Hoyland S74 0HR
Wellington Inn Wellington Inn, 54 Church Street, Jump S74 0HY
The Flying Dutchman Flying Dutchman Hotel, Cemetery Road, Jump S74 0JN
Jump W M C Jump Working Mens Club, Wentworth Road, Jump S74 0JX
Tap and Brew 9 Hoyland Road, Hoyland Common S74 0LT
Hoyland Common W.M.C. Hoyland Common Wmc, 11 Fitzwilliam Street, Hoyland S74 0NJ
The Star Hotel Star Hotel, 30 Hoyland Road, Hoyland S74 0PB
The Keys The Keys, Sheffield Road, Hoyland S74 0PY
The Royal Oak Royal Oak Inn, 18 Barnsley Road, Platts Common S74 0QN
Cobcar Sports & Social Cobcar Sports And Social Club, Cobcar Street, Elsecar S74 8DA
Fitzwilliam Arms Fitzwilliam Arms, 42 Hill Street, Elsecar S74 8EL
The Crown Inn Crown Inn, 22 Hill Street, Elsecar S74 8EL
Market Hotel Market Hotel, Wentworth Road, Elsecar S74 8EP
Elsecar Sports and Social Club Elsecar Cricket And Social Club, Armroyd Lane, Elsecar S74 8ES
Milton Arms Milton Arms, Armroyd Lane, Elsecar S74 8ES
Maison du Biere Unit 15e, Elsecar Heritage Centre, Wath Road, Elsecar S74 8HJ
Prospect Tavern Prospect Tavern, 122 West Street, Hoyland S74 9AG
Belmont WMC Belmont Wmc, West Street, Hoyland S74 9AH
The Gate Inn Gate Inn, Milton Road, Hoyland S74 9AU
Furnace Inn Furnace Inn, 163 Milton Road, Hoyland S74 9BG
Hoyland Catholic Social Club St Helens Catholic Club, West Street, Hoyland S74 9DL
Hoyland Nether W M C Hoyland Nether W M Club, 2 Broad Street, Hoyland S74 9DY
Knave and Kestrel  (micro pub) 23 King Street, Hoyland S74 9JU
Queen’s Head The Queens Head, 64 King Street, Hoyland S74 9LG
Beggar And Gentleman The Beggar And Gentleman, Market Street, Hoyland S74 9QR
Oyl In Wall 6 Market Street, Hoyland S74 9QR
The Chestnut Tree Claycliffe Road, Barugh Green S75 1JT
Barugh Green W M C Barugh Green Wmc, Higham Common Road, Barugh Green S75 1LD
The Crown & Anchor Crown And Anchor Inn, Barugh Lane, Barugh Green S75 1LL
The Royal Royal Hotel, Barnsley Road, Darton S75 1LS
Miller’s Inn Millers Inn, Dearne Hall Road, Low Barugh S75 1LX
Engineers Arms Engineers Inn, Higham Common Road, Higham S75 1PF
Higham Cricket Club Higham Cricket Club, Royd Lane, Higham S75 1PH
The Old School House The Old School House, Blackburn Lane, Barnsley S75 2BB
Tommy Treddlehoyle Tom Treddlehoyle, 73 Pogmoor Road, Pogmoor S75 2DX
Gawber Road WMC Gawber Road Wmc, 113 Gawber Road, Old Town S75 2PR
The New Inn The New Inn, Redbrook Road, Gawber S75 2RG
Grey Horse Inn The Grey Horse Inn, Wellfield Road, Old Town S75 2ST
Miners Rest Miners Rest, Palm Street, Old Town S75 2SU
Stainborough Cricket Club Stainborough Cricket Club, Park Drive, Stainborough S75 3EW
Dodworth Central Wmc Dodworth Central Working Mens Club, 5 Station Road, Dodworth S75 3JA
Station Inn 10 Station Road, Dodworth S75 3JA
Dodworth Valley Toby Carvery Dodworth Valley, Whinby Road, Dodworth S75 3LF
Gilroyd Social Club Gilroyd Social Club, Saville Road, Gilroyd S75 3PX
Dodworth Miners Welfare Sports & Social Club Dodworth Miners Welfare, 45a High Street, Dodworth S75 3RF
Thornely Arms Thornley Arms, High Street, Dodworth S75 3RF
Travellers Inn Travellers Inn, 23 Dodworth Green Road, Dodworth S75 3RR
Cherry Tree Inn Cherry Tree Inn, Bank End Lane, High Hoyland S75 4BE
Cawthorne Club Cawthorne Club, Tivy Dale, Cawthorne S75 4EY
Cawthorne Cricket Club Cawthorne Cricket Club, Dark Lane, Cawthorne S75 4HA
The Spencer Arms The Spencers Arms, 21 Church Street, Cawthorne S75 4HL
Red Lion Red Lion Inn, 69 High Street, Silkstone S75 4JR
Silkstone Golf Club Silkstone Golf Club, Elmhirst Lane, Dodworth S75 4LD
Station Inn Station Inn, Knabbs Lane, Silkstone Common S75 4RB
Kexborough Social Club Kexborough Social Club, Churchfield Lane, Kexbrough S75 5DU
Old Co op 28 Church Street, Darton S75 5HG
Darton Tap 70 Church Street, Darton S75 5HQ
Woolley Miners Welfare Scheme Miners Welfare Institute, Woolley Colliery Road, Darton S75 5JA
Darton Liberal W M C Darton And District Liberal Club, Barnsley Road, Darton S75 5NQ
Rose & Crown Hotel Rose And Crown Inn, Barnsley Road, Darton S75 5NQ
Kexbrough Cricket Club Kexborough Cricket Club, Bence Lane, Darton S75 5NX
Kings Head Inn Kings Head Inn, Darton Lane, Mapplewell S75 6AP
Talbot Inn Talbot Inn, Towngate, Mapplewell S75 6AS
The Wentworth Arms Barnbrooks Restaurant, Greenside, Staincross S75 6AU
The Old Bakery Fosters Bakery, 16 Blacker Road, Staincross S75 6BW
Eastfield Arms Eastfield Arms, Bar Lane, Staincross S75 6DJ
Staincross W M C Staincross W M C, New Road, Staincross S75 6EW
The Limes Barnsley Golf Course, Wakefield Road, Staincross S75 6JZ
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