UK pubs & clubs – Knowsley

Leg Iron Longmoor Lane, Field Lane Estate, Knowsley L10 1LF
Roby Hotel 104 Greystone Road, Roby, Knowsley L14 6UH
The Old Bank 601 Princess Drive, Huyton, Knowsley L14 9ND
Bowring Park Hotel 2 Bowring Park Avenue, Roby, Knowsley L16 2LE
The Grenadier 52 Camberley Drive, Halewood, Knowsley, Merseyside L25 9PU
Halewood Bowling Club 42 Church Road, Halewood, Knowsley, Merseyside L26 6LB
Reverend Plummer Church Road, Halewood, Knowsley L26 6LB
The Dales Okell Drive, Halewood, Knowsley L26 7YL
The Ploughman 44-45 Marled Hey, Stockbridge Village, Knowsley L28 0QL
The Village Inn Haswell Drive, Stockbridge Village, Knowsley L28 5RY
The Mariners Inn Whitefield Drive, Westvale, Kirkby, Knowsley L32 0RE
Holy Angels Social Club Sidney Powell Avenue, Westvale, Kirkby, Knowsley L32 0TP
Carters Arms Glovers Brow, Kirkby, Knowsley L32 2AD
Railway Hotel Glovers Brow, Kirkby Park, Kirkby, Knowsley L32 2AD
The Fantail 129 Whitefield Drive, Kirkby, Knowsley L32 4SX
Johnny Todd The Johnny Todd, 38 Whitefield Drive, Westvale, Kirkby L32 5TR
RAFA Club Broad Lane, Kirkby, Knowsley L32 6QG
Kingfisher Hotel 98 Bewley Drive, Kirkby, Knowsley L32 6QJ
The Premier 15-17 Market Square, Kirkby Town Centre, Knowsley L32 8RG
Brambles 126-128 Cherryfield Drive, Kirkby, Knowsley L32 8RX
Farmers Arms 8 Moorfield, Tower Hill, Knowsley L33 1XD
The Windmill Domingo Drive, Kirkby, Knowsley L33 1ZN
St Marys R C Club Kennelwood Avenue, Kirkby, Knowsley L33 6UF
The Peacock Hotel Bigdale Drive, Northwood, Kirkby, Knowsley L33 6XJ
The Copper Pot Coopers Lane, Knowsley Industrial Park, Kirkby, Knowsley L33 7UA
Prescot Manor Bowling Club South Avenue, Prescot, Knowsley L34 1LT
Deanes House Hotel Church Street, Prescot, Knowsley L34 3LA
Sun Inn 11 Derby Street, Prescot, Knowsley L34 3LE
Clock Face Public House 54 Derby Street, Prescot, Knowsley L34 3LL
Harringtons Bar & Eatery 77A Eccleston Street, Prescot, Knowsley L34 5QH
The Watchmaker 60 – 62 Eccleston Street, Prescot, Knowsley L34 5QL
The Lord Strange 2 Leyland Street, Prescot, Knowsley L34 5QP
Prescot Reform Club 19 Warrington Road, Prescot, Knowsley L34 5QX
Tommy Halls 10 Warrington Road, Prescot, Knowsley L34 5RB
Royal Oak 64 Warrington Road, Prescot, Knowsley L34 5RE
The Old Mill 8 Mill Street, Prescot, Knowsley L34 6HA
Hope And Anchor 33 High Street, Prescot, Knowsley, Merseyside L34 6HF
Prescot Guild Hall 57 St Helens Road, Prescot, Knowsley L34 6HW
Derby Arms Hotel 635 Knowsley Lane, Knowsley, Knowsley L34 9EA
Hare And Hounds Cronton Road, Huyton, Knowsley L35 1QJ
Carrs Hotel 191 Dragon Lane, Whiston, Knowsley L35 3QU
Beer EnGin 9 Greenes Road, Whiston, Knowsley L35 3RE
Whiston Social Club Paradise Lane, Whiston, Knowsley L35 3RZ
Holt Hotel 285 Warrington Road, Whiston, Knowsley L35 8LA
Huyton Park Hotel 36 St Johns Road, Huyton, Knowsley L36 0UU
Swan Hotel Kingsway, Huyton, Knowsley L36 2PW
St. Aloysius Parochial Club Crosswood Crescent, Huyton, Knowsley L36 2QE
Oak Tree Hotel 294 Liverpool Road, Huyton, Knowsley L36 3RN
Stanley Arms 42 Roby Road, Roby, Knowsley L36 4HF
The Crofters Twickenham Drive, Roby, Knowsley L36 4QG
St Agnes Parochial Club St Marys Road, Huyton, Knowsley L36 5SR
Huyton Conservative Club 36 The Park, Huyton, Knowsley L36 5SU
Queens Arms 39 Blacklow Brow, Huyton, Knowsley L36 5XE
Seel Arms 22 Hall Lane, Huyton, Knowsley L36 6AZ
St Aidans RC Social Club 90 Adswood Road, Huyton, Knowsley L36 7XR
RAFA Association 6 Priory Court, Ellison Grove, Huyton, Knowsley L36 9GA
Barkers Brewery 2-4 Archway Road, Huyton, Knowsley L36 9XB
Royal British Legion Club (heathbank) 10 Archway Road, Huyton, Knowsley L36 9XB
Huyton With Roby Constitutional Club 43 Stanley Road, Huyton, Knowsley L36 9XN
Unicorn Inn 405 Cronton Road, Cronton, Knowsley WA8 5QF
Dandelion Tavern 427 Cronton Road, Cronton, Knowsley WA8 5QG
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