UK pubs & clubs – Plymouth

The Brass Monkey 12-14 Royal Parade, Plymouth, Devon PL1 1DS
The Noahs Ark Noahs Ark, 32A Courtenay Street, Plymouth PL1 1EP
The Eagle 156 Cornwall Street, City Centre, Plymouth PL1 1NJ
The Newmarket Inn 2 Market Way, Plymouth PL1 1PB
Henry Js 113-117 Mayflower Street, Plymouth, Devon PL1 1SD
1620 Pub and Eatery 60 Notte Street, Plymouth PL1 2AG
Kitty O’Hanlons 5 St Andrew Street, Plymouth PL1 2AH
Swan 15 St Andrew Street, Plymouth PL1 2AX
Slug and Lettuce 17 Princess Street, Plymouth PL1 2EU
The Pub on the Hoe 159 Citadel Road, Plymouth PL1 2HU
Jumpin Jacks 11 Parade, Barbican, Plymouth PL1 2JL
OMG Nightclub 11 Parade, Plymouth PL1 2JL
Three Crowns The Three Crowns, 12 Parade, Plymouth PL1 2JL
The Ship 4 Quay Road, Plymouth PL1 2JZ
Gog & Magog 58-59 Southside Street, Barbican, Plymouth PL1 2LA
Queens Arms 55 Southside Street, Plymouth PL1 2LA
Maritime Inn 19 Southside Street, Plymouth PL1 2LD
The Navy Inn 34 Southside Street, Plymouth PL1 2LE
The Admiral MacBride The Admiral MacBride, 1 The Barbican, Plymouth PL1 2LR
Crown and Anchor 10-11 The Barbican, Plymouth PL1 2LS
The Dolphin Hotel The Dolphin Inn, 14 The Barbican, Plymouth PL1 2LS
Barbican Botanics Gin Room 38 New Street, Plymouth PL1 2NA
The Fishermans Arms 31 Lambhay Street, Plymouth PL1 2NN
Plymouth Hoe Club 1 Osborne Place, Lockyer Street, Plymouth PL1 2PU
The Factory 24 Lockyer Street, Plymouth PL1 2QW
The Walrus The Walrus, Notte Street, Plymouth PL1 2RH
Popworld 18 Union Street, Plymouth PL1 2SR
Union Rooms 19 Union Street, Plymouth PL1 2SU
Walkabout 5 Union Street, Plymouth PL1 2SU
Revolution Unit 1, Derrys Cross, Plymouth PL1 2SW
The Bank The Bank, Old George Street, Plymouth, Devon PL1 2TG
The West Hoe The West Hoe, 24 Bishops Place, West Hoe Road, Plymouth PL1 3BW
The Lord High Admiral 33 Stonehouse Street, Plymouth PL1 3PE
Victualling Office Tavern The Victualling Office Tavern, 10 Cremyll Street, Plymouth PL1 3RB
The Artillery Arms 6 Pound Street, Plymouth, Devon PL1 3RH
Steel Brew Co Melville Building, Royal William Yard, Plymouth PL1 3RP
The Office 39 High Street, Stonehouse, Plymouth PL1 3SJ
The Royal 99 Edgcumbe Street, Plymouth PL1 3SZ
Ker Street Social Club 122-124 Ker Street, Plymouth PL1 4EH
Shakespeare Hotel 3 Theatre Ope, Plymouth PL1 4HT
The Lugger 12 Albany Street, Plymouth PL1 4NT
No 10 Social Club 197 North Road West, Plymouth PL1 5DG
The Melbourne 224 Cecil Street, Plymouth PL1 5HP
The Millbridge Inn 23 Molesworth Road, Stoke, Plymouth PL1 5LZ
Devonport Services RFC Rectory Ground, Second Avenue, Stoke, Plymouth PL1 5QD
The Firkin Scholar 1a Paradise Place, Paradise Road, Plymouth, Devon PL1 5QU
Keyham Vaults 222 Albert Road, Plymouth PL2 1AW
St Levan Inn 251 St Levan Road, Plymouth PL2 1JJ
Keyham Barton Conservative Clu 42-44 Station Road, Keyham, Plymouth PL2 1NQ
The Maritime Social Club 6-8 Saltash Road, Keyham, Plymouth PL2 1QT
Avondale Arms 206 Keyham Road, Plymouth PL2 1RD
The Three Ferrets 38 Charlotte Street, Plymouth PL2 1RJ
The Herbert 1 Herbert Street, Plymouth PL2 1RX
Royal Naval Arms 190-192 Saltash Road, Keyham, Plymouth PL2 2BD
St Johnston Sports & Social Club 154-156 Saltash Road, Keyham, Plymouth PL2 2BE
Weston Mill Oak Villa Association Oak Villa Social Club, Ferndale Road, Plymouth, Devon PL2 2EL
Embassy Club 3-5 Wolseley Road, Plymouth PL2 3AA
Britannia Inn 2 Wolseley Road, Plymouth PL2 3BH
Green Taverners Supporters Bar Green Taverners Suite, Higher Home Park, Plymouth PL2 3DQ
Cherry Tree 291 Ham Drive, Plymouth PL2 3NH
Indian Inn 82 Devonport Road, Plymouth PL3 4DF
The Stoke Bar & Grill 72-74 Devonport Road, Plymouth PL3 4DF
St Aubyn Masonic Club 33 Devonport Road, Plymouth PL3 4DJ
Stoke Inn 43 Devonport Road, Plymouth PL3 4DL
Stuart Social Club 21 Stuart Road, Plymouth PL3 4EB
Hyde Park Social Club 5 St Gabriels Avenue, Plymouth PL3 4JQ
The Penguin Ashford Crescent, Plymouth PL3 5AA
The Rising Sun 138 Eggbuckland Road, Plymouth PL3 5JT
Bluebird 164 Eggbuckland Road, Plymouth PL3 5JU
Sir Francis Drake Bowling 35 Whiteford Road, Plymouth PL3 5LU
The Golden Hind 260 Mannamead Road, Plymouth PL3 5RJ
GWRSA Gwrsa Club, Mullet Road, Plymouth, Devon PL3 6AW
The Marsh Mill The Marsh Mill, 300 Plymouth Road, Plymouth PL3 6RW
The Kings Head 21 Bretonside, Plymouth PL4 0BB
Marina Bar and The Loft Marina Bar and The Loft, Vauxhall Quay, Plymouth PL4 0DN
Lockyers Quay Cookhouse and Pub 1 Lockyers Quay, Plymouth PL4 0DX
Porters 20 Looe Street, Plymouth PL4 0EA
Chandlers Bar & Bistro Queen Annes Battery, Queen Anne Place, Plymouth, Devon PL4 0LP
Royal Western Yacht Club Queen Annes Battery, Queen Anne Place, Plymouth, Devon PL4 0TW
James Street Vaults 24 James Street, Plymouth, Devon PL4 6EQ
Caffe Sol 25 Mutley Plain, Plymouth PL4 6JG
The Mannamead 61-63 Mutley Plain, Plymouth PL4 6JH
Fortescue 37 Mutley Plain, Plymouth PL4 6JQ
Hyde Park Hotel 88 Mutley Plain, Plymouth PL4 6LG
Raffles 5 Ermington Terrace, Plymouth PL4 6QG
Old Plymothians and Mannameadians Members Club Plymouth College, Ford Park Road, Plymouth, Devon PL4 6RN
The Roundabout Drake Circus, City Centre, Plymouth PL4 8AQ
Beggars Banquet Ground Floor Cafe, 45 Tavistock Place, Plymouth PL4 8AX
Caffeine Club 46 Tavistock Place, Plymouth PL4 8AX
Fresher & Professor Grand Duchess, 34 Gibbon Street, Plymouth PL4 8BZ
Seymour Arms 10 North Street, Plymouth PL4 8DL
Old Toms 40 North Hill, Plymouth PL4 8ET
The Crafty Half 50 North Hill, Plymouth PL4 8EU
R A O B Club 41 North Hill, Plymouth PL4 8EZ
Air 3-4 Sherwell Arcade, Plymouth PL4 8LH
Q 1 Sherwell Arcade, Plymouth PL4 8LH
Switch 2 Sherwell Arcade, Plymouth PL4 8LH
Fawn Private Members Club 39 Prospect Street, Plymouth PL4 8NY
Saltram Club 54 Salisbury Road, Plymouth PL4 8SY
Bread and Roses 62 Ebrington Street, Plymouth PL4 9AF
Grenville Hotel 82-84 Grenville Road, Plymouth PL4 9PZ
Friary Vaults 177-183 Grenville Road, Plymouth PL4 9QD
Weston Mill Pub 57 Bridwell Road, Plymouth PL5 1AB
Ferry House Inn 888 Wolseley Road, Plymouth PL5 1LA
Royal Albert Bridge Inn Royal Albert Bridge Inn, 930 Wolseley Road, Plymouth PL5 1LB
Queen Victoria Masonic Hall 76 Victoria Road, Plymouth PL5 1RD
St Budeaux Members Bar St Budeaux Members Bar Ltd, Wolseley Road, Plymouth, Devon PL5 1UD
Kings Tamerton Community Community Centre, Newton Avenue, Plymouth, Devon PL5 2BU
The Bull & Bush Uxbridge Drive, Ernesettle, Plymouth PL5 2SE
Function Junction Victory Inn, Farm Lane, Plymouth, Devon PL5 3PQ
The Albemarle The Albemarle, Budshead Road, Plymouth, Devon PL5 4DA
The Kings Arms Kings Arms, Tamerton Foliot Road, Plymouth, Devon PL5 4NH
Seven Stars Seven Stars Inn, Seven Stars Lane, Plymouth, Devon PL5 4NN
The Tamar Tamar Hotel, 1-5 Morshead Road, Plymouth PL6 5AD
Crownhill Family Centre Crownhill Family Centre, Crownhill Fort Road, Plymouth, Devon PL6 5BX
Royal British Legion Tailyour Road, Crownhill, Plymouth PL6 5DH
Manadon Masonic Hall 104 Tavistock Road, Plymouth, Devon PL6 5EL
The Prince Maurice 3 Church Hill, Plymouth PL6 5RJ
Falstaff The Falstaff, 75 Clittaford Road, Plymouth PL6 6DT
The Southway Pub Southway Drive, Plymouth PL6 6QW
The Toby Carvery George Hotel, 399 Tavistock Road, Plymouth, Plymouth PL6 7HB
Jack Rabbit The Jack Rabbit, 8 Bracken Lane, Plymouth PL6 8BB
Riverside Caravan Park Pub/Takeaway/Shop Riverside Caravan Park, Leigham Manor Drive, Plymouth PL6 8LL
The Jolly Miller Jolly Miller, Leypark Drive, Plymouth, Devon PL6 8UD
The London Inn London Inn, 8 Church Road, Plympton, Plymouth PL7 1NH
The Brook Inn The Brook Inn, Longbrook Street, Plymouth, Devon PL7 1NJ
Royal British Legion 41 Market Road, Plymouth PL7 1QW
Union Inn 17 Underwood Road, Plymouth PL7 1SY
Plympton Conservative Club 109 Ridgeway, Plymouth PL7 2AA
Post Office Inn 39 Ridgeway, Plymouth PL7 2AW
Sir Joshua Reynolds 25 Ridgeway, Plymouth PL7 2AW
Lord Louis The Lord Louis, Glen Road, Plympton, Plymouth, Devon PL7 2DE
Freemason’s Hall, Plympton 161 Ridgeway, Plymouth PL7 2HJ
George Inn 191 Ridgeway, Plymouth PL7 2HJ
The Chaddlewood Inn Chaddlewood Inn, 100 Glen Road, Plympton, Plymouth PL7 2XS
Colebrook Inn Colebrook Inn, Colebrook Road, Plympton, Plymouth, Devon PL7 4AA
The Unicorn Harvester Unicorn Inn, 158-160 Plymouth Road, Plymouth PL7 4NE
The Blue Peter 68 Pomphlett Road, Plymouth PL9 7BN
The Morley Arms Morley Arms, 4 Billacombe Road, Plymouth PL9 7HP
Kings Arms The Kings Arms, The Quay, Plymouth, Devon PL9 7NE
Plym Yacht Club Langs House, The Quay, Plymouth, Devon PL9 7NE
The Ships Tavern The Ships Tavern, Arcadia Road, Plymouth, Devon PL9 8EG
OPM Rugby Pavillion, King George V Playing Fields, Haye Road PL9 8HR
The Plymstock Inn 88 Church Road, Plymstock, Plymouth PL9 9BD
Staddiscombe Park 144 Staddiscombe Road, Plymouth, Devon PL9 9LT
Royal Oak Inn Royal Oak Inn, Lake Road, Plymouth, Devon PL9 9QY
Mount Batten Bar & Carvery Lawrence Road, Mount Batten, Plymouth PL9 9SJ
Clovelly Bay Inn New Inn, 1-2 Boringdon Road, Turnchapel, Plymouth PL9 9TB
Boringdon Arms 13 Boringdon Terrace, Plymouth PL9 9TQ
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