UK pubs & clubs – Rochester

The Flippin Frog 318 High Street, Rochester, Kent ME1 1BT
The Dead Pigeon 378 High Street, Rochester, Medway ME1 1DJ
The Golden Lion The Golden Lion, 147-149 High Street, Rochester, Kent ME1 1EL
Nag’s Head PH 292 High Street, Rochester, Kent ME1 1HS
Two Brewers Public House The Two Brewers, 113 High Street, Rochester, Kent ME1 1JS
Eagle Tavern Eagle Tavern, 124 High Street, Rochester, Kent ME1 1JT
The City Wall Wine Bar 120 High Street, Rochester, Kent ME1 1JT
Jolly Knight/Ye Arrow Jolly Knight, 56 High Street, Rochester, Kent ME1 1LD
Kings Head Hotel Kings Head Hotel, 58 High Street, Rochester, Kent ME1 1LD
The George Vaults The George Vaults, 35 High Street, Rochester, Kent ME1 1LN
Aaron P Stone’s Casino Rooms Casino Cabaret Rooms, Blue Boar Lane, Rochester, Kent ME1 1PD
The Crown 2 High Street, Rochester, Medway ME1 1PT
The Granville Arms PH Granville Arms, 83 Maidstone Road, Rochester, Kent ME1 1RL
Coopers Arms P.H. The Coopers Arms, 10 St Margarets Street, Rochester, Kent ME1 1TL
The Good Intent The Good Intent, 3 John Street, Rochester, Kent ME1 1YL
The Man Of Kent Ale House Man Of Kent, 6-8 John Street, Rochester, Kent ME1 1YN
The George The George, 344 City Way, Rochester, Kent ME1 2BH
The Rising Sun 6 Delce Road, Rochester, Medway ME1 2BU
What The Dickinns PH 1 What The Dickens Ross Street, Rochester, Kent ME1 2DF
Carpenters Arms Carpenters Arms, 13 Cossack Street, Rochester, Kent ME1 2EF
The Bell Inn The Bell, 20-21 Cossack Street, Rochester, Kent ME1 2EF
The Huntsman The Huntsman PH, The Huntsman, 106 Pattens Lane, Rochester ME1 2RA
Holcombe Sports Club Curtis Way, Rochester, Kent ME1 2TQ
Whod Ha Thot It Whod Ha Thought It, 9 Baker Street, Rochester, Kent ME1 3DN
The White Hart The White Hart, 1 Rochester Road, Cuxton, Rochester ME2 1AD
Newtown Social Club 50 Formby Road, Halling, Rochester, Kent ME2 1BA
Homeward Bound PH Homeward Bound, 72 High Street, Halling, Rochester ME2 1BY
Strood Yacht Club Knight Road, Strood, Rochester, Kent ME2 2AH
Gala Coral Gala Clubs, Medway Valley Leisure Park, Chariot Way, Strood ME2 2SS
The Bounty PH The Bounty, Bligh Way, Strood, Rochester ME2 2XH
Weston Arms Weston Arms, 121 Weston Road, Strood, Rochester ME2 3AQ
Age UK Medway 130 Brompton Lane, Strood, Rochester, Kent ME2 3BA
Bas Bar 14 Cliffe Road, Strood, Rochester, Medway ME2 3DS
Coach And Horses Coach And Horses, 40 London Road, Strood, Rochester ME2 3PA
The Prince Of Wales The Prince Of Wales, 9 High Street, Strood, Rochester ME2 4AB
The Steam Packet  Public House The Steam Packet Public House, The Steam Packet, 22 Station Road, Strood ME2 4BG
The Riverside Tavern Riverside Tavern, 8 Canal Road, Strood, Rochester ME2 4DR
The Sans Pareil Sans Pareil, 245 Frindsbury Hill, Wainscott, Rochester ME2 4JS
The Stag PH The Stag, 65 Wainscott Road, Wainscott, Rochester ME2 4LA
The Ship Public House 22 Bill Street Road, Strood, Rochester, Kent ME2 4RA
10:50 From Victoria 37-39 North Street, Strood, Rochester, Kent ME2 4SJ
The Ship PH The Ship, Upnor Road, Upnor, Rochester ME2 4UY
Pier Hotel Upnor Road, Upnor, Rochester, Kent ME2 4XA
Kings Arms Kings Arms, 2 High Street, Upnor, Rochester ME2 4XG
Tudor Rose 29 High Street, Upnor, Rochester, Kent ME2 4XG
The Hogarth Inn 41-43 High Street, Isle Of Grain, Rochester, Kent ME3 0BJ
Cliffe Mens Social Club Symonds Road, Cliffe, Rochester, Kent ME3 7SS
The Stone Horse Dillywood Lane, Wainscott, Rochester, Kent ME3 8EN
Cliffe Woods Social Club Cliffe Woods Community Centre, Parkside, Cliffe Woods, Rochester ME3 8HX
The Windmill Ratcliffe Highway, Hoo St Werburgh, Rochester, Medway ME3 8QB
Fenn Bell Inn Ratcliffe Highway, St Mary Hoo, Rochester, Kent ME3 8RF
The Red Dog The Street, High Halstow, Rochester, Kent ME3 8SF
Hoo Village Institute Hoo Village Institute, 25 Main Road, Hoo St Werburgh, Rochester ME3 9AA
The Chequers Inn The Chequers Inn, 26 Church Street, Hoo St Werburgh, Rochester ME3 9AL
The Five Bells The Five Bells, 1 Stoke Road, Hoo St Werburgh, Rochester ME3 9BE
The Huffkin Of Hoo Pub On The Thames, All Hallows Holiday Park, Avery Way, Allhallows ME3 9QD
The British Pilot Public House British Pilot Hotel, Avery Way, Allhallows, Rochester ME3 9QW
The Nags Head High Street, Lower Stoke, Rochester, Kent ME3 9RA
The Ship \\& Trades Ship And Trades PH, The Ship And Trades Hotel, Maritime Way, Chatham Maritime ME4 3ER
The Jolly Caulkers Pub The Jolly Caulkers, 3 Batchelor Street, Chatham, Kent ME4 4BJ
White Lion White Lion Hotel, 325 High Street, Chatham, Medway ME4 4BN
Prince Of Wales Hotel Prince Of Wales Hotel, 1-3 Railway Street, Chatham, Kent ME4 4HU
Eight@the Command House The Command House, Dock Road, Chatham, Medway ME4 4TX
The Richard Cobden The Richard Cobden, 178 Luton Road, Luton, Chatham ME4 5BP
The General At Sea PH Flat, General At Sea, 1A Balfour Road, Chatham ME4 6QT
The Poachers Pocket The Poachers Pocket, 135 Walderslade Road, Walderslade, Chatham ME5 0NB
The Constitution Castle Constitution Hill, Luton, Chatham, Kent ME5 7DP
Old Ash Tree The Old Ash Tree Ph, 136 Rainham Road, Gillingham, Chatham ME5 7EN
The Hen & Chickens The Hen And Chicks, 41 Luton High Street, Luton, Chatham ME5 7LP
Princes Park Public House The Princes Park, Neighbourhood Centre, Princes Avenue, Walderslade ME5 7PQ
The Oak Sherwood Oak Public House, Sherwood Oak, 1 Robin Hood Lane, Walderslade ME5 9NT
Tiger Moth The Tiger Moth, Highview Drive, Horsted, Chatham ME5 9UJ
Southern Belle PH 170 High Street, Gillingham, Kent ME7 1AJ
The Brittania The Britannia, 158-160 High Street, Gillingham, Medway ME7 1AJ
Conservative Club Conservative Club Gillingham, 124 High Street, Gillingham, Kent ME7 1AU
The Scruffy Duck PH Scruffy Duck, 95-97 Skinner Street, Gillingham, Kent ME7 1LD
Walnut Tree Club Medway Road, Gillingham, Kent ME7 1NL
Strand Social  & Sports Club & Insti Strand Social & Sports Club & Insti, Strand Social Club, 23 Christmas Street, Gillingham ME7 1TD
Segas Sailing Club Strand Approach Road, Gillingham, Kent ME7 1TZ
Gillingham Indoor Bowls Prince Arthur I B C, Prince Arthur Road, Brompton, Gillingham ME7 1UR
The Star Star PH, The Star Hotel, Watling Street, Gillingham ME7 2AA
Age Concern The Mackenney Centre, Woodlands Road, Gillingham, Kent ME7 2BX
Sturdee Social Club Sturdee Social Club, The Pavilion, Sturdee Avenue, Gillingham ME7 2HN
The Cricketers Sturdee Avenue, Gillingham, Medway ME7 2JR
The Ship Inn Court Lodge Road, Gillingham, Kent ME7 2QX
Plough & Chequers PH Plough And Chequers, Danes Hill, Gillingham, Kent ME7 2TY
Hastings Arms Hastings Arms, 18 Lower Rainham Road, Rainham, Gillingham ME7 2YD
Anchorians Club The Anchorians Club, Watling Street Playing Area, Darland Avenue, Darland ME7 3AN
The Hungry Fox Hempstead Valley Drive, Hempstead, Gillingham, Kent ME7 3PE
The Flying Saucer 140 Hempstead Road, Hempstead, Gillingham, Kent ME7 3RH
Fleur De Lis Fleur De Lis, 46 Gillingham Road, Gillingham, Kent ME7 4RR
King George V King George V, 1 Prospect Row, Brompton, Gillingham ME7 5AL
Cannon Public House The Cannon, 15 Garden Street, Brompton, Gillingham ME7 5AS
Will Adams PH Flat, 73 Saxton Street, Gillingham, Kent ME7 5EG
The Napier Arms The Napier Arms, 153 Britton Street, Gillingham, Kent ME7 5ES
St Mary’s Social Club St Marys Social Club, Belmont Road, Gillingham, Kent ME7 5JB
Upper Gillingham Conservative Club Upper Gillingham Conservative Club, 541 Canterbury Street, Gillingham, Kent ME7 5LF
Canterbury Tales Canterbury Tales, 99 Canterbury Street, Gillingham, Kent ME7 5TS
Moo Moo Club Rooms 22-32 Canterbury Street, Gillingham, Kent ME7 5TX
Wigmore & District Smallholders Club 2 Springvale, Rainham, Gillingham, Kent ME8 0JG
Spyglass And Kettle The Spyglass And Kettle, 2 Woodside, Rainham, Gillingham ME8 0PG
Gillingham Labour Club Nye Bevan Memorial Hall, Twydall Lane, Twydall, Gillingham ME8 6JU
The Dewdrop 100-102 Hawthorne Avenue, Rainham, Gillingham, Medway ME8 6TU
Jordans Pool & Snooker Lounge 1-3A Rainham Shopping Centre, Rainham, Gillingham, Kent ME8 7HW
Cricketers The Cricketers Inn, 88 High Street, Rainham, Gillingham ME8 7JH
Mackland Arms Public House Flat, The Mackland Arms, 213 Station Road, Rainham ME8 7PS
The Three Mariners 509 Lower Rainham Road, Rainham, Gillingham, Kent ME8 7TN
The Angel PH The Angel, Station Road, Rainham, Gillingham ME8 7UH
White Horse PH White Horse, 95 High Street, Rainham, Gillingham ME8 8AA
Green Lion The Green Lion, 104 High Street, Rainham, Gillingham ME8 8AD
The Prince Of Ales 121 High Street, Rainham, Gillingham, Kent ME8 8AN
The Rose Inn The Rose Inn, 249 High Street, Rainham, Gillingham ME8 8DR
Parkwood Community Assoc Parkwood Community Centre, Parkwood Green Shopping Centre, Parkwood, Gillingham ME8 9PN
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