UK pubs & clubs – Salford

Albert’s – Worsley East Lancashire Road, Swinton M27 0AA
White Horse 384 Worsley Road, Swinton M27 0FH
House Of Hops 1 Pendlebury Road, Swinton M27 4AG
Weavers Arms 35 Swinton Hall Road, Swinton M27 4BL
Royal Oak / WDentertainment 536 Bolton Road, Swinton M27 4DL
Pendlebury Social Club 609 Bolton Road, Pendlebury M27 4EJ
The Lord Nelson Hotel 653 Bolton Road, Pendlebury M27 4EJ
The Newmarket 621 Bolton Road, Pendlebury M27 4EJ
The White Lion 240-242 Manchester Road, Pendlebury, Salford M27 4TS
Cricketers Arms 227 Manchester Road, Pendlebury M27 4TT
The Wobbly Stool 233 Manchester Road, Pendlebury M27 4TT
Swinton Royal British Legion 3 Cheetham Road, Swinton M27 4UQ
Golden Lion 136 Manchester Road, Clifton M27 5EP
Swinton Football Club Playing Field And Clubhouse, Barton Road, Swinton M27 5LL
White Swan 186 Worsley Road, Swinton M27 5SN
The Park Inn Park Inn, 135-139 Worsley Road, Swinton M27 5SP
The Farmers Arms Farmers Arms, 160 Manchester Road, Pendlebury M27 5TP
Swinton Catholic Club 11 Worsley Road, Swinton M27 5WN
Cupids Swingers Club 13-17 Sutherland Street, Swinton M27 6AT
Last Orders 377 Chorley Road, Swinton M27 6AY
Church Inn 199 Chorley Road, Swinton M27 6AZ
Borough Social Club 167 Station Road, Pendlebury M27 6BU
Salisbury Conservative Club 257 Pendlebury Road, Pendlebury M27 6FF
The Showboat 3 Hall Street, Swinton M27 6FN
Oddfellows Arms 4 Manchester Road, Clifton M27 6NY
Robin Hood 180 Manchester Road, Clifton M27 6PE
The Windmill The Windmill, 690 Bolton Road, Swinton M27 8FH
Henry Boddington 219 Bolton Road, Swinton M27 8TG
Moorside Social Club 207-211 Moorside Road, Swinton M27 9LD
Morning Star 520 Manchester Road, Worsley M27 9QW
Red Lion Restaurant 296 Chorley Road, Swinton M27 9UW
Cyn’s Tavern 8 Hulton District Centre, Worsley M28 0AU
Boothstown Conservative Club 259-263 Mosley Common Road, Worsley M28 1BZ
The Woodside The Woodside, 501 Ellenbrook Road, Worsley M28 1ES
Boothstown Royal British Legion The Royal British Legion, Victoria Street, Worsley M28 1HQ
Coal and Cotton 44 Leigh Road, Worsley M28 1LR
The Royal Oak Royal Oak Hotel, Leigh Road, Worsley M28 1LZ
The Moorings The Moorings, 2 Quayside Close, Worsley M28 1YB
The Barton Arms Barton Arms, 2 Stablefold, Worsley M28 2ED
Brackley Conservative Club 1 Hazelhurst Fold, Worsley M28 2JU
The Delph Restaurant And Cocktail Bar 4b Worsley Road, Worsley M28 2NL
The Bridgewater Hotel Bridgewater Hotel, 23 Barton Road, Worsley M28 2PD
Worsley Old Hall Walkden Road, Worsley M28 2QT
Roe Green Cricket Club Roe Green Cricket Club, Greenleach Lane, Worsley M28 2QW
Cock Hotel 301 Walkden Road, Worsley M28 2RZ
Ellesmere Sports Club Walkden Road, Worsley M28 2RZ
Salford Sea Cadets Worsley Boat Yard, Worsley Road, Worsley M28 2WN
The John Gilbert The John Gilbert, Worsley Brow, Worsley M28 2YA
Walkden Legion Club Limited The Royal British Legion, Wilfred Road, Worsley M28 3AJ
GOLD Club Within Guild Hall Community Centre, Guild Avenue, Worsley M28 3AS
Unit 21 5 Bolton Road, Worsley M28 3AX
Stocks Hotel Stocks Hotel, Manchester Road, Worsley M28 3JX
Bulls Head (Wetherspoons) 12 High Street, Worsley M28 3NJ
Vulcan Inn 94 Worsley Road North, Worsley M28 3QW
Ellesmere Golf Club Ellesmere Golf Club, Old Clough Lane, Worsley M28 7HZ
The Black Lion 65 Chapel Street, Salford M3 5BZ
Rovers Return 91 Chapel Street, Salford M3 5DF
Corridor Bar 6-8 Barlows Croft, Salford M3 5DY
Egerton Arms Egerton Arms, 2 Gore Street, Salford M3 5FP
Le Cassi’s Retail Unit 3, Vimto Gardens, Chapel Street, Salford M3 5JF
Salford Arms Hotel 146 Chapel Street, Salford M3 6AF
Kings Arms 11 Bloom Street, Salford M3 6AN
The New Oxford 11 Bexley Square, Salford M3 6DB
The Old Pint Pot Adelphi Street, Salford M3 6EN
The Eagle Inn Eagle Inn, 19 Collier Street, Salford M3 7DW
City Suites Holdco City Suites Executive Lounge (1st Floor), 16 Chapel Street, Salford M3 7NH
Bijou Club Ground Floor, 1-7 Chapel Street, Salford M3 7NJ
Nags Head 39-41 Church Street, Eccles M30 0BJ
The Grapes 27 Church Street, Eccles M30 0BJ
Lamb Hotel 33 Regent Street, Eccles M30 0BP
The Eccles Cross 13 Regent Street, Eccles M30 0BP
Old Bulls Head 74 Church Street, Eccles M30 0DA
Oddfellows Arms 48 Church Street, Eccles M30 0DF
The Northern Type 20 Church Street, Eccles M30 0DF
The Old Laundrette 23 Church Street, Eccles M30 0DF
The Station Bar 17 Church Street, Eccles M30 0DF
Top House 4 Church Street, Eccles M30 0DF
Duke of York Duke Of York, 89 Church Street, Eccles M30 0EJ
Kings Head 535 Barton Lane, Eccles M30 0HY
Albert Edward Inn 142 Church Street, Eccles M30 0LS
Dog and Partridge 221 Church Street, Eccles M30 0LY
Gilda Brook Social Club 34 Wellington Road, Eccles M30 0NP
The Club House Worsley Cruising Club, Cawdor Street, Eccles M30 0QF
Stanley Arms 295 Liverpool Road, Eccles M30 0QN
Wangies 303-307 Liverpool Road, Eccles M30 0QN
Bird in Hand 304 Liverpool Road, Eccles M30 0RY
Spinner’s Arms 308 Liverpool Road, Eccles M30 0RY
Bridgewater Hotel Bridgewater Hotel, 264 Liverpool Road, Eccles M30 0RZ
Queens Arms Green Lane, Eccles M30 0SH
Dutton Arms 56 Barton Road, Eccles M30 7AE
Patricroft Conservative Club 1a Edison Road, Eccles M30 7AW
The Rock House Rock House Hotel, 40 Peel Green Road, Eccles M30 7AY
Barley Farm Barley Farm, Stadium Way, Eccles M30 7EY
Grapes Hotel 439 Liverpool Road, Eccles M30 7HD
St Michaels Club within St Michaels Comm Centre, Liverpool Road, Eccles M30 7LP
Salford City Roosters Eccles A R L F C Moat Hall, Hallsworth Road, Eccles M30 7LS
Eccles R.F.U Club Eccles R U F C, Gorton Street, Eccles M30 7LZ
Runway 26 Cafe/Bar Barton Aerodrome Clubhouse, Liverpool Road, Eccles M30 7SA
The Packet House 321 Liverpool Road, Eccles M30 8GF
Egerton Arms 363 Worsley Road, Eccles M30 8HU
Winton Cricket Club Winton Cricket Club, Alder Forest Avenue, Eccles M30 8JL
Winton Social Club Winton Bowling Tennis And Soci, Grange Road, Eccles M30 8JW
Jolly Carter 118 Worsley Road, Eccles M30 8LS
Wellington Inn Wellington Inn, Worsley Road, Eccles M30 8PB
Eccles Masonic Hall 46 Half Edge Lane, Eccles M30 9BA
Monton Sports Club Monton Cricket Club, Welbeck Road, Eccles M30 9EH
Malt Dog 169 Monton Road, Eccles M30 9GS
The Monton Tap 165 Monton Road, Eccles M30 9GS
Blind Pig 204-206 Monton Road, Eccles M30 9LJ
Blue Bell Blue Bell, 41 Monton Green, Eccles M30 9LL
Monton Bowling Club Monton Bowling Club Ltd, Hawthorn Avenue, Eccles M30 9NE
Bodega 209-211 Monton Road, Eccles M30 9PN
Zous 257 Monton Road, Eccles M30 9PS
Park Hotel Park Hotel, 142 Monton Road, Eccles M30 9QD
Little Hulton Conservative Club Little Hulton Conservative Club, 1a Armitage Avenue, Little Hulton, Salford M38 0EH
New Inn New Inn, 73-79 Manchester Road East, Little Hulton M38 9AF
The New Albion 137 Manchester Road East, Little Hulton, Salford M38 9AF
Shamrock Tavern 241 Manchester Road East, Little Hulton M38 9AN
Top Club Top Club, Manchester Road West, Little Hulton M38 9EG
Dukes Gate Dukes Gate Hotel, Cleggs Lane, Little Hulton M38 9NJ
White Lion 162 Manchester Road West, Little Hulton M38 9UU
Little Hulton Cricket & Bowling Club Little Hulton Cricket Club, Manchester Road West, Little Hulton M38 9UW
Dun Mare Inn 277 Manchester Road West, Little Hulton M38 9XH
The Firs Cadishead Labour Club, Fir Street, Cadishead, Salford M44 5AG
Irlam Catholic Mens Club 617-619 Liverpool Road, Irlam M44 5BE
Junipers 597-599 Liverpool Road, Irlam M44 5BE
White Horse 575 Liverpool Road, Irlam M44 5BE
Coach and Horses Coach And Horses, Liverpool Road, Cadishead M44 5DB
The Grocers (Micro Pub) 152a Liverpool Road, Cadishead, Salford M44 5DD
The Plough 152 Liverpool Road, Cadishead M44 5DD
Royal Arms Club 685 Liverpool Road, Irlam M44 5GQ
Cadishead Conservative Club Cadishead Conservative Club, Liverpool Road, Cadishead M44 5UN
The Station The Old Station House, Station Road, Irlam M44 5ZR
Irlam Steel Rec. & Soc. Club Irlam Steel Recreation And Soc, Liverpool Road, Irlam M44 6AJ
Lady James Hall Lady James Hall, Princes Park, Liverpool Road, Irlam M44 6BR
Boat House Inn Ferry Road, Irlam M44 6DN
Higher Irlam Social Club Higher Irlam Social Club, Cutnook Lane, Irlam M44 6JS
Tiger Moth Swallow Drive, Irlam M44 6PT
Ice Bar within Suite 2 Part Ground Floor, 3 Exchange Quay, Salford M5 3ED
Welcome Inn Welcome Inn, Robert Hall Street, Salford M5 3LT
Union Tavern 105-107 Liverpool Street, Salford M5 4LG
Fivefourstudios Ground Part First And Second Floors, 54 Oldfield Road, Salford M5 4LZ
Salford Masonic Hall 41-42 Crescent, Salford M5 4PE
Bricklayers Arms Bricklayers Arms, 146-148 Ordsall Lane, Salford M5 4TF
Atmosphere- USSU University Road, Salford M5 4WT
Chartwells at SALFOOD Bar New Adelphi building within University Of Salford, Crescent, Salford M5 4WT
Chandos Sports and Social Club Chandos Sports And Social Club, Chandos Grove, Salford M5 5LJ
Coach & Horses Coach And Horses, 350 Eccles New Road, Salford M5 5NN
Marble Tap Room within Unit 7, Boston Court, Salford M50 2GN
The Botanist Unit 3 And 10b, Orange Tower, Green, Media City M50 2HE
Social 7 ‘within Media Enterprise Centre’, Blue, Media City M50 2ST
The Dock Yard within Blue Tower, Blue, Media City M50 2TG
Tower coffee shop within The Lowry Centre, The Quays, Salford M50 3AZ
Quay House Beefeater The Quayhouse, 11 The Quays, Salford M50 3SQ
Craft Brew within Digital World Centre, 1 Lowry Plaza, Salford M50 3UB
The Winston Churchill Way, Salford M6 5BU
The Moorlands Sports and Social Club Weaste Conservative Club, Liverpool Street, Salford M6 5GY
Buzz Bingo Hankinson Way, Salford M6 5JA
Pendleton Ex Services Social Club 221 Langworthy Road, Salford M6 5PQ
Lifecentre 219 Langworthy Road, Salford M6 5PW
Ashley Brook 517 Liverpool Street, Salford M6 5QQ
The Bee Hive Inn 74 Holland Street, Salford M6 6FE
African Hut 1 Castle Works, Bazaar Street, Salford M6 6GS
Church Inn 1 Ford Lane, Salford M6 6PE
The Priory Arms 29 Gardner Street, Salford M6 6PP
St George’s HABB Club within St Georges Centre, Cromwell Road, Salford M6 6SB
Pendleton Bowling Club 13 Eccles Old Road, Salford M6 7DE
The Barrfield Club 91 Bolton Road, Salford M6 7EH
Red Lion 279 Bolton Road, Salford M6 7GU
Waggon and Horses 367 Bolton Road, Salford M6 7NJ
Wellington Hotel The Wellington Hotel, 345 Bolton Road, Salford M6 7NJ
Royal Sovereign 226 Eccles Old Road, Salford M6 8AG
De La Salle Sports & Social Club De La Salle Sports & Social Cl, Lancaster Road, Salford M6 8AQ
Buile Hill Park Hall Kitchen within Buile Hill Park, Eccles Old Road, Salford M6 8GL
Palatine Inn 47 Edward Street, Salford M7 1SP
Star Inn 2 Back Hope Street, Salford M7 2FR
The Prince of Wales 230 Lower Broughton Road, Salford M7 2JS
St Boniface’s Club 250-252 Lower Broughton Road, Salford M7 2JX
Dover Inn 15-17 Fenney Street, Salford M7 2ZG
Seven Bro7hers within Salford City Football Club, Moor Lane, Salford M7 3PZ
The Lower Kersal Social Club Stamford Road, Salford M7 3SD
Racecourse Hotel Littleton Road, Salford M7 3SE
Duke of York 97 Marlborough Road, Salford M7 4SP
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